Toy Box of the Week: Path of the Force by ERDADI3


I recently learned how to download and play Community made Toy Boxes at and this was the first one I tried. I will try to do at least a weekly review of the Toy Boxes I play.

Path of the Force by ERDADI3 currently has 892 Likes and 19723 downloads. Here is his description of the Toy Box;

Welcome to Tython young padawan. Here you will learn all the secrets to complete your training in the path of the Force. Ahsoka will guide you in this adventure. Force users only. #JediTrainingChallenge.

I really enjoyed this Toy Box, and was thankful to ERDADI3 for producing such a great experience for my first adventure. The landscape of his Toy Box is beautiful and provides exploring opportunities. The system that directs you on your quest is pretty good. I was confused at first on the third objective because it does not show up on the radar, but that is because it is a hidden objective.

One tip, you need a force-sensitive figure to play this Toy Box. I first tried to play with my Aladdin figure (the only figure that I currently own within Disney Infinity because of a wrapping “mishap” that allowed me access to my digital code). On the second objective you use “holocroms” and I could not seem to make them work. This week, Luke Skywalker is a free-use figure on the app. I decided to try a Star Wars figure and using the force allowed me to interact with the holocroms.

Go over to Disney’s Community site or within your game and download ERDADI3’s Toy Box for a quick game that may even provide you with some opportunities to level up your character.

Have you played ERDADI3’s Path of the Force? Or is there a Toy Box you would like to recommend? Please share your comments below in the Comment Section.

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