Welcome to infinirama!

Well, it happened. I very quickly became obsessed with Disney Infinity, and I don’t even own it yet… well, not the full version anyway. I’ve wanted to play Disney Infinity forever (or at least ever since it came out in 2013), but I haven’t owned current generation console. I thought about buying a PS4 just to play this game, but $400 will buy a lot of food. And my family likes to eat. I had tried downloading the iOS apps a couple of times, but had trouble with the games lagging and crashing.

Anyway, a coupleĀ of months ago at the Apple Keynote it was revealed that a full version of Disney Infinity 3.o would be available on the Apple TV. My wife and I had already decided to purchase the Apple TV before I realized that it was finally my opportunity to play. And in November it was revealed that the Nimbus SteelSeries Controller would be included in the DI 3.0 Starter Pack for Apple TV!

I ordered the Starter Pack as soon as it became available, and I cannot wait to begin Disney’s Adventure on my new Apple TV. A couple of weeks ago I caught wind that Best Buy and ToysRus were competing with one another before Black Friday and I scored a box full of new figures for like $3 each!

I am a huge fan of Marvel’s cinematic universe. I grew up reading Marvel Comics. So I grabbed all of the Avengers (except Hawkeye… Sorry Jeremy Renner, I’m just not sure what he will bring to my squad. And I really needed that Elsa figure for my eldest daughter. You understand, right?) and many of my girls favorites.


I have since been playing 3.0 on my iPad. Disney has fixed most of the problems with the app, but I have completely given up on building in the Toy Box. Hopefully with my Nimbus controller and the Apple TV I can put out some sweet Toy Box Games later.

I’ve also started getting involved on Disney Interactive Studios‘ website and message board forum. But it takes a long time to get anything posted because they moderate every post. If you are a Disney Infinity fan I hope infinirama.wordpresss.com might become a regular stop for you, and be on the lookout as content changes as I play more. I want to do some character bios, feature some Toy Box games, and keep readers up to date on current DI news.

So please come back, and feel free to add comments below. I’d love to know what you might like to see from a Disney Infinity fan site.

Until next time.



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