Could Disney Be Providing Clues to the Next Infinity Figures!?

If you follow Disney Infinity news, you may have heard that we should expect quite a few more DI 3.0 figures to come out. We know there will be a couple of figures for Zootopia, and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is expected to give us a few figures. And with the Star Wars franchise experiencing a revival with The Force Awakens we can expect more Star Wars figures as well. When I was adding the codes for my newest figures on I noticed the blank tiles on the character screen might be strategically placed. I thought we might take a look at some of my guesses to see who might be behind those empty tiles. These are my thoughts (and hopes) for the new figures. Don’t be afraid to share your own. 

Star Wars


Ok, first off you can see my progress on figure purchases. I just started buying figures this past month. As my last entry said, I just added Luke, Leia, and Ezra. So lets look at those empty tiles. I am going to start on the top left and work my way down and to the right. Our first empty tile lies between Ahsoka and Yoda, in the middle of the Twilight of the Republic figures. Fan favorite General Grievous could fit here or a Republic Clone Trooper. Could this be CloneCaptain Rex? What do you guys think?

Our next empty tile is found in the middle of the Star Wars Rebels figures. Although there have been some really cool villains that could take this spot, I am hoping it’s location means we will get a Hera figure. And I have hope that the next five tiles might be Rebels characters as well… But I’m stumped on who they could be. Add your guesses to the Comments section.



There are still plenty of Marvel figures that I want to get, and there appear to be three new ones on the way. Our first empty tile lies between Ironman and the Hulk. I’m guessing Ant-Man here. We’ve seen concept art for Ant-Man so this isn’t a stretch. 

The next two fall in the midst of the Guardians of the Galaxy… Honestly, I think this placement kills my theory. We’ve seen images of Black Panther and Vision figures, and I whole-heartedly expect these to be the next Marvel figures. If these two tiles are for more Guardians of the Galaxy figures (or Cosmic figures) I would expect to see Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange (If the theory connecting Dr. Strange to the Infinity Stones pans out).

Disney (Originals)


I originally became excited about Disney Infinity when 2.0 released and Marvel characters were revealed. When 3.0’s Star Wars theme was revealed I wished I had a console to play on. But after buying the game, I have mostly played with Disney characters. In fact, I really need to get to leveling up my Marvel characters…

Our first empty tile is just after Spot (from the new Good Dinosaur movie) and before the Tron figures. This tile is a mystery to me, what do you think?

The next tile is beside Tinker Bell, and we have heard that Peter Pan is coming. This figure has me very excited. Peter Pan was one of the first Disney classic movies that I exposed my girls to, and they loved it. When we visited Disney World this past year, Peter was on of their favorite characters to meet. I cannot wait to watch their excitement when they add Pan to our collection.

The next tile has me SUPER excited. My favorite recent Disney movie was Tangled, and if this is a Flynn Rider figure I will be at the store the day of release to get it. I am a huge Chuck fan (NBC show that ran from 2007-2012) and I’ll support just about anything Zachary Levi is involved in. Flynn Rider is a household favorite of ours, and I need a figure for him.

Next we get another empty tile that lies between Jack Skellington and the Toy Story figures. I know DI fans want an Emperor Zurg figure. I think it is possible with the placement of this tile. But… it could also be Rex, and honestly I hope it is Rex. What do you think? Rex or Zurg? Comment at the bottom.

The next empty tiles fall at the end of the Incredibles family but before Syndrome. I’m guessing Frozone, and I want this figure!

The last three come after Mickey Mouse and one of them is Darkwing Duck. And I am guessing the next two represent the Zootopia figures. 

Those are my guesses, what are yours?

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