GameStop Deal

If you are looking for a deal on 3.0 figures, Power Discs, and Play Sets GameStop has a deal for you. All 3.0 figures are $9.99, Power Discs are $4.99, and Play Sets are $29.99. 

I scored Rise Against the Empire, Inside Out, Mulan, and Ezra today. 

I just started the Twilight of the Republic Play Set and I cannot wait to start the game inspired by the original trilogy. As far as gameplay, the Star Wars games are feeling very different from my other DI experiences. And the figures are amazing. 
My daughters, wife, and I sat down this evening to play the Inside Out Play Set and was blown away by the innovation of the gameplay. Inside Out plays very differently from the other Play Sets and Toy Boxes that I have played. We joy played the first level before bed. We took turns trying to collect the most balloons as quickly as possible. It was a lot of fun. 

My wife started playing DI this morning. She is enjoying farming on my Infinirama Farm (which is working out great for my Sidekicks and I). She mentioned this morning that she would like to play with Mulan. So this 3.0 figure quickly jumped to the top of my list of must haves. She has only been playing with her on the farm so far, but I think this figure will become a go-to for combat. 

I was recently introduced to the Disney XD show Star Wars: Rebels, and I love it. The characters have each become franchise favorites of mine. I’ve wanted to pick up Ezra the moment I saw it. The detail on these Star Wars figures is amazing, and this figure looks great. I tried him in a community Toy Box and he was very fun. 

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